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Welcome to Pearl Capital! We were founded in 2010 and acquired by private equity firm Capital Z Partners in 2015. Since then, we have become one of the top leaders in the fintech industry specializing in short term capital advance solutions for under-banked and credit-challenged businesses, in just about every industry. We’ve proudly provided over 23,000 financings to small businesses across the country, by working with our expansive network of ISOs. We believe our success lies with your ability to succeed - and we’ve made it easier than ever to get even the toughest deals done, with tools like our ISO Leverage Calculator, Proprietary Price Calculator, and Real-time Deal Management Platform. Our Advanced Technology and Underwriting allows us to provide flexible terms, and some of the fastest response times in the industry, for deals up to one-million dollars. Additional programs like our White Label Solution and Leverage for Deal Syndication are provided to help ISOs like you grow your brand and increase revenue. Want to find out more? Please fill out our contact form or call us to discuss all that Pearl has to offer with one of our top notch ISO Representatives today.

Meet our team

Solomon Lax
Solomon Lax
Chief Executive Officer
A message from our CEO

We live in challenging but exciting times. As any participant in the MCA world can attest, more money is flowing into funding deals, more ISOs are entering the fray, and consolidation is occurring. Institutional estimates of the volume of the $180B small business loan market moving to MCA or other bank alternatives range from $15-50B. As large as the MCA market now seems, it is only going to get larger and more competitive.

What does it take to win?

It used to be that anyone could open up as a funder, throw money against the wall, and have it stick. If you were a good sales team, you could open an ISO and the money would roll in. Times are a'changing. The price of entry for funders now includes a low cost of capital, robust risk management systems, plus enough staff and automation to guarantee speed of delivery, responsiveness, transparency, and visibility to ISOs - and there's also the "I" word: Integrity. As an ISO, you are challenged by funders going direct, tougher compliance standards, the rising cost of customer acquisition as competing ad spends drive up prices, and the slow grind of communicating and managing funders. Through all this, you had to ensure that your hard won merchant leads stayed yours. At Pearl Capital, we have always been the home of that really tough deal that you couldn't get funded anywhere else. We have devoted talented ISO relationship managers and the best underwriting team in the business. But we have to confess that we lost ground in 2013 and 2014 when other funders started taking on those tough files. We stopped listening to you and were no longer the most competitive bid, the fastest turn around, and the most transparent process. When you thought of Pearl, you thought of a third look funder and that car you used to own in 2012 before you traded up. Well 2014 is over and we are determined to take our market back. Pearl is now owned by a leading private equity group Capital Z Partners (www.capitalz.com) whose sole focus is financial services and that has successfully invested close to $3B in businesses over the past 25 years. We will continue to fund those tough files and compete hard for the entire credit-challenged merchant market. The new Pearl is returning to its roots, focusing on collaboration and building opportunities by strengthening partnerships. You have seen some significant changes at Pearl, including:
  • • Real time syndication reporting
  • • File status updating in portal through salesforce
  • • Edocs and electronic signatures
  • • Variable offer pricing engine (no more resubmits for different factor/term)
  • • Competitive commissions
  • • White label
Our pledge to you is to never forget that you are our most important relationship, that we succeed when you succeed, and that we need to compete for your business - every day.
Welcome to the new Pearl.
Solomon Lax
Solomon Lax
Chief Executive Officer
John Diamond
John Diamond
Sholom Dreyfuss
CIO / VP of Engineering
Elie Friedman
Elie Friedman
Chief Underwriting Officer
Adam Greissman
Adam Greissman
Chief Technology Officer
Jake Lerner
Chief Revenue Officer
Aidel Miller
SVP, Human Resources
Oded Segev
CFO, COO, Head of Asset Recovery

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  • Question 1

    You’re in a hallway with 100 doors. You open every door. Then you go back to the beginning and close every other door. You return to the beginning and toggle every 3rd door. You continue this pattern until you start at the last door. How many doors are open after the last pass?

  • Question 2

    You have a large cube composed of 8 x 8 x 8 small cubes. How many small cubes are on  the surface of the large cube? How many small cubes are on the surface of a large cube composed of N x N x N small cubes?

  • Question 1

    What is your opinion on whether predictive models for MCA are really enriched by  macro factors?

  • Question 2

    Have launched white label marketing campaigns for financial products, or led ISO sales and would like to join our team contact us

  • Question 1

    Money is flooding into the market and bids for advances are steadily climbing. You are syndicating on your own deals but also being compensated by your volume of deals funded. How do you balance your risk/reward?

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A word on Capital Z Partners

Capital Z is a leading global private equity fund, specializing
in financial service investments since 1990.

With one of the most experienced teams in the sector, Capital Z has a strong
track record in completing unique, complex transactions and in helping
quality management teams receive the capital they need.
Capital Z has invested approximately $3 billion in over 40 transactions

In Capital Z, Pearl Capital has the partner it needs to continue fostering growth,
positioning itself as one of the leaders in the industry.