Adventures in Underwriting at Pearl Capital

Any ISO today is all too familiar with the extensive list of restricted industries that many funders have… But at Pearl, virtually no industry is off limits. Some industries we fund at Pearl include: amusements, appliance, architecture, caterers, contractors, clothiers, wholesalers, construction, convenience stores, day care centers, e-cigarettes, electricians, fuel-related, furniture stores, mattress stores, grocery stores, home healthcare, home improvement, marketing, e-commerce, nursing homes, retail goods, HVAC, IT/communications, learning institutions, transmission shops, mailing & fulfillment shops, repair & maintenance services, funeral services, energy generation & distribution, media publishing & production, heavy equipment sales, consultancy agencies,  real estate brokers or agencies, religious organizations, adult entertainment,  transportation companies, and more. Funding can be completed as fast as one day, up to 12 month terms, and there is no restricted use of funds.

Got a deal ready to go? Send it over to Pearl today or give us a call at 1-800-888-9959.

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