Pearl Capital may be the only place on the web you can find comics based on FinTech industry topics like financial underwritingmachine learning, and factoring. One of the goals of providing this resource center to ISOs is to get as much information in front of our partners as possible so they can see greater success in their own businesses. Comics are a great way for us to provide meaningful insight on industry news, underwriting guidelines, and programs at Pearl Capital in a fun and different way.

If you have any questions about any of the comics below or programs described, please reach out by phone to speak to one of our ISO Representatives or email us anytime.

The Pearl Capital White Label Solution

In “The Adventures of Pearlman and the White Label Solution,” learn about Pearl’s deal platform. It eliminates the need for you to have a back office while boosting your own ISO brand. Your company’s name will be at the forefront of your merchants’ daily experience. Meanwhile, our underwriting experience and deal structures will minimize your funding risk. Leaving you to focus on your core sales and marketing.

Adventures in Underwriting ISO Comics

In the Underwriting ISO comic series, you will take a peek inside our Underwriting office. Learn what kinds of deals Pearl likes best, including industries and deal types. Luckily, few industries are off limits with Pearl. We specialize in underbanked industries and subprime deals. The kind many traditional funders won’t touch. Pearl Capital gives ISOs peace of mind by taking care of the underwriting process. Thus, minimizing risks and boosting profits for ISOs. Check out Issue 1.

Trouble in Factor World

Factoring companies are under increasing attack from the MCA industry. To make matters worse, banks are starting to lend to customers who once had to turn to factoring. Issue 1 starts by introducing us to “Viney” – the man with all the ideas.