How Often Should You Be Marketing to Merchants as an ISO? [WEBINAR CLIP]

Sending Emails

Data suggests that the weekend is the best time to send emails to merchants. Entrepreneurs tend to use weekends to catch up on emails. It’s also the time they will be receiving fewer work related emails from staff and clients. In fact, Saturdays have almost twice the open and click through rates as Tuesdays.

What time of day is best to send the emails? The morning. Open rates and click through rates tend to be highest between 6am and 12pm in local time. Remember to keep in mind that these are in local time, so it differs based on the merchant’s time zone. Note also that emails delivered around midnight do best because they are first to be opened in the morning.

In most cases, using a cadence of monthly or weekly emails is most effective for business owners. If you’re sending more frequently than weekly, it should be recipient-initiated and interactive. An example of this is if a merchant clicks a call-to-action within the email it triggers another email flow.

Did You Know:

– 46% of recipients unsubscribe because of too frequent emails

– 36% of recipients unsubscribe because they say they never subscribed

– 32% of recipients unsubscribe because they say the content was not relevant to them

Posting to Social

Posting to social media should always be at local network specific times. For Facebook, Langford recommends 1pm – 5pm on weekdays. On Twitter, it’s recommended you post 1pm – 3pm weekdays. And on LinkedIn, post 7am – 8:30am & 5pm – 6pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Promote important posts to make sure they don’t get lost within the algorithmic feed of the platform. Twitter is the only social media platform that still uses a live timeline. Boosting your posts with ad spend will increase engagement, but you must be specific in your targeting and focus the post on  the right users.

This clip was taken from the webinar “Persistence Wins! Using the Right Marketing Cadence.” If you have any questions about this clip or any of our webinars, please email [email protected]. To speak with an ISO Representative about programs at Pearl, call 1-800-888-9959 today.


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