How To Use the Pearl Capital ISO Price Calculator [VIDEO]

With the Pearl Capital ISO Price Calculator you can control your own deals to fit your merchants’ needs without having to resubmit. But how does it work? You are able to control the commission amount you earn by toggling term, daily payment amount, and factor rate all from this single powerful calculator tool and this tutorial video will show you how.

Learning how to use the Price Calculator is easy with this video. If you prefer to learn how to use the calculator from reading an infographic, check out our How to Use the Pearl Capital Price Calculator infographic and you’ll see how this tool will change the way you close deals from now on.  Pearl Capital is proud to bring you the best in financial technologies to make providing your merchants with merchant cash advance deals easier than ever before.

Still have questions about how the Price Calculator works? Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-888-9959 anytime.

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