How to Create a Landing Page That Captures More Merchant Leads [VIDEO]

If you have ever looked at the Google Analytics for your website, you probably know the excited feeling that comes with seeing bump in site traffic. More visitors is in fact great news, but if you have no way of knowing who visited the site it does little more than add more color to your Google Analytics report. The key to gaining more customers is to gain more leads, and a landing page focused on capturing lead data is great way to do that. An optimized landing page consists of five main elements: a headline, a description of what you’re offering to merchants, imagery that supports your page’s message, a lead capture form, and some sort of proof that shows either you’re endorsed socially (customer reviews) or by an outside authority (Better Business Bureau.)

In our webinar “How To Craft Effective Social Media Ad Campaigns For Your ISO Business“, CEO of FinServ Marketing Mike Langford covers all the bases on qualifying your merchant leads with a successful landing page and lead form. In this short video, you will learn the basics on how to structure your landing page to maximize the leads you are able to capture and (hopefully) in turn win more business.

Wanting more information on collecting  better quality merchant leads for your ISO business? Check out some of the many ISO guides, webinars, and video clips available at the ISO Resource Center. If you have any questions about this video or what being an ISO at Pearl is all about, please call 1-800-888-9959 or email [email protected] anytime.

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