3 Goals to Keep In Mind for Your Social Media Ads [WEBINAR CLIP]

When setting up a new social media ad, worried thoughts can go through the mind of any ISO. Whether you’re nervous about wasting money on leads that don’t work, showing up in the wrong people’s feeds, or if your image is the right choice – worrying is normal, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Narrow in on these three goals to ensure that your ads are off to a good start.

The first goal is to focus every ad on driving your merchant leads further into your marketing funnel. The “buy now” approach doesn’t typically work for merchants. Use your social media ads to drive prospective merchants to the next stage in your funnel – not to close the deal right then and there. Send them to a landing page on your website that teaches them about your ISO business, what a merchant cash advance can do for their business, and more.

The next goals should be on building an audience, growing awareness, and increasing engagement. Social ads are a great way to build the targeted merchant audience of your ISO dreams, if you do it correctly. Once you get them to ‘like’ your page, profile, or account, you will appear in their feeds from that point forward.

Take advantage! Social media accounts for 20% of all time spent on the internet – make the most of those merchant eyes by creating ads that drive business. Share relevant content that will be seen by your prospective merchants and stay top of mind. When it comes time for them to need an MCA or financing for their business, there you are. That’s a win for any ISO.

This clip is taken from our webinar “How To Craft Effective Social Media Ad Campaigns For Your ISO Business” hosted by Mike Langford of finServ Marketing. For any questions regarding this video or on what programs Pearl Capital offers its partners, please call 1-800-888-9959 or email [email protected].

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