Social Sales for ISO’s [WEBINAR]

“Social Sales for ISOs: How to Use Social Media to Win Business” educates you on the power of using social media to find new MCA leads. You will learn how to increase your deal flow using social media. Social networking leads in all categories in engagement on the internet, accounting for one out of five minutes spent online.  With costs continuing to rise for Google ads, social media is the place to be today for any player in MCA.

Steps for ISOs to get started with social sales:

  1. Connect and build your network.
  2. Listen and pay attention to your network.
  3. Respond and amplify.
  4. Share what’s interesting to you and your prospects.
  5. Grow your network to attract and seek out new connections.

You will learn how to build and grow a network online by connecting with existing clients and future prospects. You will also discover the 30-day challenge, finding how to better use social media for your merchant leads.  A healthy merchant network is ever-growing. Using social media search tools can help in finding new followers and connections. Learn how to filter your searches based on location, industry, keyword, and more.

Do you have questions regarding this webinar or what programs Pearl Capital offers? Please call 1.800.888.9959 or email [email protected] anytime. This webinar presentation  originally aired on Thursday July 21, 2016 2:00 EST and was hosted by Mike Langford of finServ Marketing.

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