How to Create a Steady Flow of Referrals for Your ISO Business [WEBINAR]

In “How to Create a Steady Flow of Referrals for Your ISO Business,” you will continue to build on previous lessons from past webinars from the Marketing for ISOs series like “Persistence Wins! Using the Right Marketing Cadence” , “Social Sales for ISOs”, “Niche Marketing for ISOs”, and “Adopting a Hunter’s Mindset”. Few things are better than receiving a phone call or email inquiry from a merchant who says they were referred to you by another merchant whom you’ve helped in the past. Referrals, by definition, are warm leads. What’s more, they are warms leads that are reaching out because they need your help.

In this webinar, you will explore what you can do to create a steady flow of referrals for your ISO business. Learn how to request referrals from merchants and other business partners, how to incentivize merchants to send you referrals, the mechanisms for making it easy for merchants and your business partners to send you referrals, and how to use social media, email, and events to generate more referrals for your ISO business.

This webinar was hosted by Mike Langford. Langford is a 23 year veteran of the financial services industry and a pioneer in the use of digital marketing for financing professionals in their practices. Original air date for this webinar was Thursday August 31, 2017 at 2:00 PM.

If you have any questions on this program or have ideas for future webinar topics, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-888-9959.

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