Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media Ads for MCA leads

ISOs today know that digital marketing is a great way to bring in new merchant cash advance leads. But few know how to set up and launch their own successful, smart lead gen campaigns on social media.

Social Media Ads for MCA Leads

How to Use Social Media Ads for More MCA Leads

In this three-part eBook, you will learn:

  • What types of ads should you be running?
  • How do you begin setting up new ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?
  • How can you reach your target merchants on social media?
  • What social platforms work best to bring in new MCA leads?
  • How much should you start out spending on your ads?
  • Can an existing list of leads┬ábe used as a custom audience on all three social networks?
  • Step-by-step instructions on creating ads on each platform
  • And much more!

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